UD-3900C-Clamshell Mode Doesn't Work


I have just installed my UD-3900C for my MacBook Pro with Ventura 13.2. I hooked up to DP monitors with HDMI. I would like to close my Mac, using the Clamshell mode , is this possible?
I also notice, the Plugable icon, on the top right says that I need to "Please allow your DisplayLink. What haven’t I done?

Hello Debbie,

You can use your UD-3900C while your MacBook is in clamshell mode, however, to help better understand the issues you are describing, it sounds like you were able to successfully install the DisplayLink Manager Application and that your monitors are displaying video but when you close the lid, your video no longer displays on your external monitors.

Would my understanding be correct here? If not please do feel free to correct me.

In addition, you mentioned that you are seeing a message, “Please allow your DisplayLink.” in the upper right of your desktop. Would that message happen to say, “Please Allow DisplayLink to connect to this Mac” perchance?

Michael S.

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