UD-3900 Plugable and Network Printers


I am having issues when it comes to this and my laptop. When the laptop is turned off for a long period of time and turned on it will read the network printers as offline. It will only reconnect to those printers if the computer is restarted.


Hi Isaac,

Thanks for posting. I don’t recall seeing any other reports of this type, so curious to try and help get to the bottom of it.

Just to confirm, when the printers are unreachable are you able to access other functionality of your internal network like shared folders or other shared resources?



I am still able to still access network, shared drives, and access the internet. If it helps the printers that I am trying to connect to are two Konica Minolta Bizhub printers.


Hi Isaac,

Appreciate the additional details.

This is very usual, as there is no reason from the dock/driver perspective that a printer should be unreachable when the rest of the network remains accessible.

So while I’m not sure if there’s anything we’ll be able to do to solve this behavior, we can certainly have a look at some system logs and see if there’s anything we can suggest.

When things are in a non-working state with the printers, could you please collect a set of system logs using our log-gathering utility and email them to support@plugable.com (subject: Ticket 164989).

PlugDebug log-gathering tool:



Hi Isaac,

We’re closing this thread due to inactivity, but if feel free to contact us via email as outlined above if you’d like to revisit.