UD 3900 not displaying anything

Was working on computer using my UD-3900 when all the sudden the screens went black and said no signal. I have tried power cycling everything, I’ve plugged and unplugged all the connections. I even blew into the USB cable from the adapter to my laptop like an old Nintendo game. Nothing worked. My PC says in the display settings that there is a second (and third) screen connected but it’s only displaying an image on my laptop and when I click identify the second and 3rd screens do not show their labels. Also if I click detect it says no displays detected. How do I fix this ASAP so I can finish this presentation?

Hi Chuck,

Thanks for posting! I’m sorry your docking station stopped working as expected and I would be happy to help.

Based on your description of the behavior, may I ask you to double-check within the Display Settings application (available via right-clicking on an empty space of your desktop), under the ‘Multiple displays’ section, that each monitor is set as an Extension of your desktop? (you will have to click on each monitor number to check the setting for each one).

In other words, we don’t want Windows marking any of them as ‘Disconnected’ (Windows 10 seems to do this on its own from time to time). I also made a short video showing steps should you need it -> https://youtu.be/irAUYfdTp4I

Please let me know if that helps!

Plugable Technologies

it was set to “extend this display” but it wasn’t extending. I had to change it to “extend desktop to this display”. Now I’m using all three screens. I wanted to just use the two screens on the display but I can make this work.