UD-3900 and Surface Pro 1/WIN10 loses soft keyboard when undocked.


After using a Surface Pro 1 that has been upgraded to Windows 10 when i shut it down and undock it does not display the soft keyboard to log in to the device. I have to do a reset to get it to come back. Just loaded the 7.9 driver and didn’t see any change. Any ideas?


Hi Stephen,

A bit surprised we haven’t had more reports of this. After reading your post I did a bit of googling and it looks like plenty of other Surface users are reporting this behavior as well, even with the Microsoft keyboard cover for the tablet. Seems to be a major pain-point for Surface owners running Win10, so hopefully Microsoft will release a patch that fixes this sooner rather than later.

One setting to check that seems to have resolved the behavior for some users:
-Navigate to Start > Settings > Devices > Typing

-Toggle the “Automatically show the touch keyboard in windowed apps when there’s no keyboard attached to your device” to “On”

Can you give that a try and let us know if it helps?



That didn’t help with mine. I don’t have any issue with the touch keyboard. I am wondering if it is different on the original Surface Pro versus either the 2 or 3.


I found a solution of sorts. I had the setting for automatically switched from desktop to tablet mode turned on. The problem exists regardless of this setting. If I disconnect the Plugable while the Surface is on then it switches to tablet mode automatically. After that when I reboot the soft keyboard pops up automatically on the start screen. So in my case the trick is don’t shut down the Surface while connected to the Plugable.


Hi Stephen,

Thanks for giving that a try. Seems like the “Automatically show the touch keyboard…” setting resolves the issue for some, not others.

Looks like Microsoft is now rolling out a second big update in as many weeks (SR2 / KB3081436). Hopefully it will resolve some of these types of tablet transition mode issues.