Two USB devices 1 works 1 does not(Answer attached)

I Purchased 2x UGA USB Display and audio adapters, I plugged one in, loaded software and worked no problem. When I plugged in the second one no light came on and it would not work. After many attempts at trying to get it to work and going back to the store who were as suspected useless, I discovered the following:

  1. Go into control panel
  2. Add devices.
  3. Device Manager
  4. Go down list and look for a picture with a question mark next to it.
  5. double click it.
  6. Select drivers tab.
  7. install driver
  8. DO NOT USE CD SUPPLIED ITS USELESS, select windows to find automatically
  10. Wait and it will find the driver and download and you will then get a green light.

Ultimately, when you use two devices they are trying to share the same resources, being exactly the same Windows does not know what to do with it and does not load it.
These guys who make these things should rectify this in the software on the disk supplied, hope they do, it is a good device. Hope that helps u all.