Two Monitors? One in hub and one in laptop...

Could I use this in addition to a monitor connected directly to my laptop so that I have 2 monitors plus the built in monitor?

Hi Vinbaz,

Thanks for your question about adding monitors to a laptop. We have a number of products that allow users to connect extra monitors through USB. Any of our display adapters listed on our product page at will work in conjunction with the internal display and a display connected directly to the video output on the monitor.
If connecting through a USB hub, it’s important to check that the hub is powered as our USB graphics adapters are high power devices and require close to 500mA of power from the USB port and many unpowered USB hubs are unable to provide this. We offer a line of high quality, powered USB hubs, also on our product page.

Hope this helps,

Hi Jerome,
Appreciate the prompt response. I misspoke earlier - I actually meant the laptop docking station (…) and not a hub.

Will this work: If i have a monitor hooked up to the dock and another monitor hooked up to my laptop. I’d love to have a monitor on either side of this laptop. I use input director for my keyboard and mouse with another laptop+monitor and would be amazing to have 5 displays!

Thanks so much and I apologize if this was confusing.

Hi Vinny,

You can definitely use the display connector on the laptop docking station at the same time as the external display connector on the laptop. If it doesn’t work to your satisfaction for any reason you can always contact us here and we’ll make sure to get it resolved!!!

Thanks again,