Triple Dock not working

I just purchased your triple docking station and I cannot seem to get my 3rd display (from the 4k HDMI port) to show. Is this a common problem with the windows 10 driver? The other two 1080p outputs work fine. I’ve tested my monitors and cables and they seem to be okay. Any suggestions? Possibly a faulty dock?

Hello Martin,

Sorry for our delayed reply over the weekend. We’d be happy to help!

Not all host systems support the 4K HDMI port as it relies on the USB-C VESA DisplayPort Alternate Mode standard. Not all systems are capable of this video output method.

Another possibility is depending which USB-C cable you’re using, not all cables support that kind of video transfer as well. So we recommend making sure to use the cable that shipped with the dock.

If you can tell me what make and model computer you have I should be able to tell you if this sounds like a compatibility issue or if there may be an issue that we need to troubleshoot.

Thank you,
Joshua Henry
Plugable Technologies