Triple-Display Dock not connecting to computer through USB-C

I have a brand new UD-ULTCDL. Attempting to connect to brand new Asus UX310UA with Windows 10. I’ve updated the DisplayLink drivers and all other updates for the Asus. Attempts to connect the dock to the computer via the USB-c have failed. I have tried the power-cycling connection/disconnection advice provided by Plugable with no effect.

When I cycle the power on the dock, I hear the USB connection sound from my computer. About two seconds later I hear the USB disconnection sound. Attaching USB devices to the dock do not link to the computer, but directly connecting those devices to the computer does work fine. I have further observed that when I have the window for “settings, connected devices” open, when I cycle the power an item called “Billboard service” briefly appears and appears to be trying to load or connect, but that disappears at the same time as the disconnect sound.

Please advise what steps I can take to fix the problem, or if it is even fixable. I had high hopes for this device.

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for posting! Sorry to hear about the reported issues with the device enumeration.

So that we may get an idea of what driver versions are on the system and what the best course of action will be, could you please run our log-gathering tool from the page below when you have a moment? It will save a .ZIP file to your Desktop which can be emailed over for analysis.

Once you’ve collected logs, please mail them to (Subject: Ticket # 167709) and we’ll have a look and see what the best next steps will be.