Toshiba Laptop won't boot if connected to UD-3900


The UD-3900 works perfectly well if plugged into the laptop after it has started loading Windows but if I restart or turn on the laptop with the UD-3900 attached I just get the Toshiba splash screen and the computer won’t boot to Windows 10. I have updated software etc. I have changed device priority in BIOS to HDD first without any success. The UD-3900 is connected to three external drives, a monitor, keyboard, wireless mouse and Ethernet to Virgin Media router.
Any suggestions?

Thanks for getting in touch!

As a quick test, can you try disconnecting the external drives from the UD-3900, then restarting your laptop? We want to make sure that these aren’t interfering with the boot process.

I should also grab logs from your system and make sure everything looks good. To proceed with this, can you contact me at so that I can give instructions for this?


Sam Morgan
Plugable Technologies

We haven’t heard back from you, so I’m hoping you were able to resolve your boot issues. If this isn’t the case, please do get in touch through so I an help!

Hello Sam, Sorry I have been away.
The external hard drives are the cause. I have changed boot priority but that doesn’t seem to make a difference. Can you supply instructions for creating relevant logs.


Steve Walton

Glad to hear from you!

We actually have a support tool that will gather logs for you. The following page has the download for the log too, and instructions on how to use it:

Just run that tool, it should create a zip with logs in it, and send it over to so I can take a look!

We still haven’t had a response from you on this issue. I assume the boot problem is still happening, so when you get a chance please contact us at so we can help!