To 'hot plug' or not to 'hot plug' -- that is the question!

This seems like a pretty entry-level question regarding “hot-plugging”… sorry I haven’t seen the answer here with the community chat search:

“Do I need to turn off computer before attaching (or detaching!) the plugable unit to USB?”

I have two computers (Windows XP and Windows 7 64 bit) and I am using the unit to reduce clutter on my desk between a tower and a laptop.

Hi Russell,

Thanks for posting your question here! You do not have to turn off your computer before attaching or detaching USB Devices.

Only for USB Mass Storage devices (external hard drives and flash drives), the safely remove feature is (available and) recommended in order to avoid any file system corruption that could occur due to a disconnect during a write operation.

So you can ‘hot plug’ Plugable products without any issues.

If you need any additional information, please do feel free to post back here or shoot us an email at We are here to help!