Tmobile ZTE MF915 / Z915 pocket hotspot device

I am looking for a device which has a microUSB interface on one end (of a short pigtail cable) and an Ethernet interface on the other end (RJ45). The application is to tether a ZTE model Z915 and pull mobile data from T-Mobile cell towers out the Ethernet end of your product. I am thinking your USB2-OTGE100 might do this?

To be clear, the USB2-OTGE100 won’t be plugged into a mobile phone, the USB2-OTGE100 will be plugged into the microUSB port of the ZTE Z915 device (WiFi will be turned off). Will the USB2-OTGE100 work for this application? If not, do you make a product that does? Thank you for you time. Rick in Florida. !](](