Thunderbolt / usb 3.1

So I’m setting up my home office and have a MacBook Pro that utilizes thunderbolt connections and also have my work laptop that only has USB 3.1 (not type C). Is there a dock that supports both? I was looking at the UD-6950H but I’m seeing mixed reviews on working with Mac.

Hi Joe,

Thank you for reaching out to Plugable support and for joining our forums. Plugable currently does not recommend using our USB 3.0 based docks like the UD-6950H with macOS due to issues with getting the necessary software setup and installed. Many people have been successfully using our these devices on macOS though, and please check the following link for our instructions on how to install and configure this software.

I hope this helps with your questions and please do let us know what other questions you have.

Plugable Technologies

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