Thunderbolt 3 dock will not output video from Google Pixelbook or register USB mouse and keyboard

I have a Google Pixelbook and I am trying to use the Plugable Thunderbolt 3 TBT3-UDV dock at my desk. I have a 4k samsung monitor and I have tried interfacing with it using both the Thunderbolt 3 input and the regular USB-C input on the dock. I am outputting to the monitor with the displayport-to-hdmi adapter included with the dock.

My Pixelbook is picking up a charge when I use the Thunderbolt 3 input, but no video shows up on the monitor. Similarly, my USB mouse and keyboard, which are plugged into the USB 3 slots on the back, aren’t registering at all.

Mouse, keyboard and monitor work when I connect them and my Pixelbook to an Anker Premium USB-C Mini Dock.

I can’t seem to find any threads online about this problem.