Third monitor in the Laptop

I have two monitors connected to the Laptop and the colors and brightness is perfect.
the first monitor is connected directly to the laptop, the second monitor is connected via USB 2.0 UGA.
when adding a third monitor through USB 2.0 UGA the problem is that if the monitor detects the signal but in blue
does not look like the first monitor and the second monitor
how I can solve the problem



Hi Luis,

Thanks for posting here! Is the monitor with the blue tint connected via VGA? Most of the time we’ve only had reports of tint occurring when the Analog pins are not connecting properly.

As a sanity check, I’d make sure that the connections are all tight enough. If you continue to see the issue after ensuring the connections on VGA cable are tight enough and you are connecting through VGA, then it could be an issue with the DVI to VGA adapter.

If that is the case, or you are not connecting via VGA, just shoot us an email at with your Amazon order ID along with a link to this thread and we will take care of the issue.