Thinkpad USB docking station failing with Thinkpad Twist and external monitors

I have a brand new thinkpad twist with windows 8 64 bit. I have two external monitors plugged into my docking station which is usb3.0, the one recommended for the twist. Both monitors are connected to the docking station with the white connectors (I think that means digital instead of VGA, pardon my ignorance).

I downloaded the thinkpad driver that came with the docking station, I plugged the docking station in and everything worked for two days. Then everything stopped working completely.

I had tech guys in here and they can’t figure it out. They downloaded display link drivers. After rebooting it five times it finally worked, but they had no idea why and of course this morning it’s still not working. He said something about the graphics card in the docking station not being compatible with the graphics card on my computer.

Please help. Thanks!

Hi Erica,

Thanks for contacting us! We are Plugable Technologies. Could you tell us which of our many products is the one that you have?

If you are unsure, just shoot us an email at with your Amazon Order ID along with a link to this thread and we will pull this information from there.

Once we know which of our products you have, we can troubleshoot the issue.