The popular 7-port USB 3 hub (with 60W) versus the new 10-port (48W)

Just wondering if there is any advantage to the 7-port USB hub over the 10 (other than the obvious reasons). Curiously the 7 has a 60W power source versus the 10’s 48W, but it all seem very similar, maybe with the edge to the 10-port.
I am though, VERY APPRECIATIVE that you have pulled backed the curtain and described various technologies and chipsets which is a level of utter transparency that astounds me. I think all computer enthusiasts (no matter how literate) would rather try to figure out stuff like that than be left in the dark. Your focus on the guts of USB hubs show your ongoing concern for performance and not just revenue, and have made you ultimately credible in my book. Someday, I’ll buy you lunch and you can tell me what it means.
Ray J.
Great Falls, MT

Hi Ray,

The biggest real difference aside from their power adapters between the two is that the 7-port model can charge BC1.2 compatible devices (like iPads) on all 7 ports. The 10-port model only has 2 charging ports.

Aside from that they both run the latest 909x firmware from VIA.