The plugable usb 2.0 10 port hub showing as unknown device in XP SP3.

The plugable usb 2.0 10 port hub is showing up as an unknown device on my windows XP. Plugged usb mouse into all ten ports of hum and it was not recognized by the computer. Also tried with a flash drive still did not see.

Hi Len,

Thanks for posting. Can you double check one thing … unplug AC power from the hub. Then re-plug the hub into the PC. Does the hub’s blue LED come on?

If not, double-check that USB connection to the PC again.

If so, plug in the mouse. Does it work now?

If after double-checking, things are working, then go ahead and re-plug AC power and all should be well. But if it still looks like things aren’t working as expected, you may unfortunately have a bad unit.

Just email your Amazon order # to, and we’ll be able to get you fixed up.

Thanks for your patience!