Terrible RFI coming from the 20W PS for 3.0 USB port hub

I purchased the Plugable® 7-Port USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Hub with 20W Power Adapter. Recently, I have noticed a marked increase in RFI noise from the power supply. A swirling electrical noise coming out the speakers of my radio. It makes listening to the radio impossible unless I unplug the USB Hub power supply. Then, all noise disappears. I have the supply plugged into a high quality Trip-Lite Isobar noise suppressing power strip. I have tried to wrap the power cord thru some ferrite cores. But nothing works. Is there a quieter 5VDC supply available? I have a hard time believing this would pass the FCC test.

Any help you can offer would be appreciated. I can record the noise if you want.

Thanks for getting in touch!

If the power supply is starting to make more noise, this is likely a defective unit. Please reply to the email I sent you so we can get a replacement headed your way.