System seems to hang when listening to music on Pandra

I have a new HP 8540w with dual Viewsonic widescreen displays. I am using the UGA-2K-A display adapter. The system will hang for about 15 seconds whenever I’m listening to music on Pandora and I have my displays connected. This never happens when I am at work and connected to multiple displays through my docking station nor does it happen when I’m not listening to music. This issue happened right after I got my new laptop (the old HP never had this problem).


Thanks for posting! Sorry that you’re seeing those issues with the UGA-2K-A!

Let’s try to narrow down the problem:
* We see you’re mentioning that this problem happens when listening to Pandora - does it makes a difference if you try listening to Pandora with a different browser ?
* Do you have similar problems when you’re watching a video on Youtube?
* After it hangs for about 15 seconds, does it resume playing on it’s own?
* What is the primary graphics card make and model on the 8540w ?
* What version of Windows are you running?
* What version of DisplayLink drivers are you running?
* What other USB devices are hooked up to the laptop? Any USB Audio devices?

As soon as we have this information we’ll be able to suggest next steps!


Actually, it’s not just an issue with Pandora. I’m seeing the same issue with videos viewed through media player, videos viewed through the browser (YouTube) and simply listening to CDs. I haven’t tried installing another browser.

It does resume on its own, however in a couple of cases I get a blue sceen. I also see the Nvidia driver stopping and then resuming now. This driver issue (like the system hanging) only occurs when connected to the device.

Graphics card: NVidia Quadro FX880M

No other USB devices.

The system definitely hangs when I am connected through this device. I played the same video multiple times and with it connected and unconnected, and only had the hang while it was connected. The same goes for listening to music on Pandora or a CD.

Forgot to add the displaylink driver version: 5.6.31854.0

Hi thanks for that information!

You are running the latest DisplayLink drivers which is great. There might be a compatibility issue with the NVidia card, but we’ll need some more information.

We would like to ask you to run the DisplayLink Support Tool and send us the logs to

Detailed instructions on how to use the DisplayLink Support Tool can be found here:

Let us know if you need any help with that.

Thanks for your patience while we’re trying to figure what’s going wrong here!