surface tablet windows 10 ud-3900 doesn't work with 2 monitors

new surface tablet. downloaded latest drivers for my UD3900 and when docked, only shows 1 external monitor, not two. any ideas?

Hi Drex!

Thank you for reaching out to us. I am sorry that you having this problem, but I would be happy to help.

Just so I can get a basic understanding of how you have everything setup, how are you connecting the dock to the system? Is it directly to the surface tablet or through another dock or hub?

What kind of monitors are you attempting to connect, and what kind of video output do they use (we have a good break down of this information located here ->…)

Also, when you get a chance, do me a favor and follow the instructions on this page -> to send over the log files of your system so that we can make sure we are not dealing with any software related issues.

Thank you for your patience!
Product Owner & Technical Support