Surface Pro will not recognize Dell Monitors

I have a Surface Pro and I can not get the UD-3900 to work with two Dell E2715H monitors. The monitor indicates that it can not find a signal. I have the USB 3 connected to my surface and I have one monitor connected with a DVI connection as I test. I downloaded the zip file that loads the driver for the 4000. This should be plug and play right? It shouldn’t be this hard.

Hi Jay,

Thanks for posting! We’ll be able to help get you up and running. Some quick things to double check:

  1. Is the blue LED on the front of the UD-3900? (showing it’s getting power)

  2. If you plug in a simple USB device like a USB mouse to the dock does it work? (showing USB is connected)

  3. If you look in Windows “Programs and Features” control panel, is a “DisplayLink Core Software” package successfully installed there? (showing that the driver for the display, network, and audio is installed).

  4. If you open Windows “Screen Resolution” control panel, are the extra monitors showing there?

If things aren’t right, we can usually quickly figure out what’s wrong from our debug tool. Just email the .zip file it generates to Here’s how:

Thanks for your patience while we work to help!