Surface Pro and HTC 8X problems with UD-3000

I have a Surface Pro and an HTC 8X windows 8 phone. When I plug the phone directly into the surface, it is recognized correctly. However, when I plug the UD-3000 into the USB and then plug the 9X into the UD, I get a device cannot start (Code 10). The USB 3.0 hard drive and the monitor I have plugged into the UD seem to work fine, so I see no indication of a problem with your device, just with how the 8X interacts with it. This phone has worked through a USB hub in the past, so I don’t think that the fact that there is a hub there is the problem, but rather how the hub talks to the phone or the hub talks to the surface. Any ideas on how to make this work? This is an issue for me because all my music is on the portable hard drive and since the surface only has one USB, I can’t update the music on the phone unless the drive is plugged in and then the phone cannot be plugged in. Help me Plugable, you’re my only hope!

Hi Trevor,

Thanks for posting your question here and reporting the issue! We haven’t actually gotten reports of this specific error before with the UD-3000 dock. Is the Windows Phone connected to a USB 3 port in the front of the dock or to one of the USB 2 ports on the back? I’d be curious to see if the error is the same when connected to either port.

Also, if happen to have a desktop/laptop handy, it’d be interesting to see if you can replicate this error on another system, or if this issue is unique to the Surface Pro.