Surface Pro 3 w/ DL-3900 : external displays have correct resolution detected but not displayed

I have 2 monitors connected to my Surface Pro 3 via the DL-3900 dock. In Windows settings they are showing the appropriate resolution 1920 x 1080. However everything that is displayed is larger than it should be (for that resolution) and functionally makes the monitor display things as if it’s running at a lower resolution. The text quality is also not sharp.

I did check this setting in windows (see below) but it appears to change both the external and internal monitors and while it improves things, it doesn’t make as if I was using a 1920x1080 monitor directly connected without the dock.


This make sense to anyone? :slight_smile:

Both external monitors are identical and suffer from the same problem.

Hello Roland, did you ever fix this issue? I have same problem too.

I found a work around that helped.

On apps the shows up extremely small I created shortcut to them and in the shortcut properties on the compatibility tab I select “Disable display scaling on high DPI settings”.

I also uninstalled the adapter and installed the drivers from the pluggable website, not the ones Windows found from Windows Update.

Between those two changes it’s made it much better. The text can still be a bit fuzzy in the browser but I adjusted Chrom settings which helped.

So it’s not 100%, but it’s good enough.

As a side note I also bought the official SP3 dock and didn’t notice any real difference. So it’s more of a Windows 8.1 and DPI scaling issue than the docks themselves.

Ok let me try that, ok you answered my other question if official dock would help. Thanks!

The nice thing about the official dock is you don’t have to disconnect/reconnect every time and it comes with it’s own power cable so it makes life more convenient in two ways. However there is that large price difference.