Stuck on the 2nd Screen


I followed all the steps to hook up a 2nd monitor to a 15" MacPro. I got 2 screens to light up, but the main screen’s stuck on the right (2nd) monitor. I move the display settings (the monitor icons right and left) but it makes no difference. I can’t get the main screen to go back to the 1st–the main–monitor. Set up this way, it’s useless.


Hi Mark,

On Mac OS X, the UI is a little tricky. To switch the primary screen, you drag the white bar that represents the dock from one monitor to the other, like this:…

Is that what you were already doing?

Thanks for letting us know,


I am extremely satisfied with the service. This works great!


Couldn’t have gotten better and more timely service.
5 Stars.


Great! Glad to have you up and running!


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Thanks again!