Stopped working after hard-reboot

My docking station was working fine until I powered off and repowered backup my mac.

Its an M1 13in 2020 model.

Its a work computer so I don’t have admin rights to download any software to diagnose any internal problems.

I just know that it was working just fine until I rebooted my computer.

ok, so after exhausting a few options; I just called it a night.

this morning, booted up my mac and its now displaying both displays now!

i guess the gremlins worked overnight and fixed this up for me and saved yall the trouble. ha!


Thank you for contacting us, I am sorry this was not working as expected but I am glad to hear it is working correctly this morning!

Based on your original description I suspect the issue may be caused by a regression in Apple’s M1 USB device detection introduced with macOS 11.1. This causes the computer to fail to detect some connected USB devices on system restart. We have a more detailed blog post here ( ) covering this topic, until this regression is fixed we recommend unplugging the docking station from the computer before shutting down the system, then reconnecting the docking station after powering on the MacBook and the login screen is displayed.

Please let me know if there is anything else we can do to help, or if you have any additional questions, we are happy to help!

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