Still waiting for my product key!!!!!!

When are you going to give me my product key linked to my purchase of your easy transfer cable? 3 emails to you in last 3 hours & I still don’t have it.

Thanks for posting. When a Plugable USB-EASY-TRAN transfer cable ships from Amazon, an email with the product key matched to your Amazon order # is automatically sent out.

Two reasons why that email may not have been received:

  1. The order hasn’t shipped yet from Amazon (you haven’t received a shipping notice)
  2. If you have received a shipping notice more than 12 hours ago, and didn’t receive your product key, the email may have gone into a junk mail folder. The title of the email is “Plugable Windows Transfer Cable Product Key”
  3. If not, email us at with your Amazon order number. You should receive an auto-reply within a few messages letting you know the message was received. As long as you get that, you know junk mail isn’t an issue. However, if you don’t get an auto-reply within 15 mins, you know something is going wrong with junk mail filters somewhere. Post back here if that happens.

After the auto-response, there’ll be a second email from one of our support staff with your product key. Our support staff is located in Seattle, WA (PST), so it may take a few hours into that timezone to get a reply.

You mentioned you already emailed support with your Amazon order #, so we’ll be replying there.

Thanks for your patience and hope that background helps!