sorry, i'm kind of an idiot

but i do love the idea of this gadget. I see that in extend mode, you can have it run with dual external monitors along with the laptop’s screen for a total of 3 screens.

I can’t handle 3. call me a wimp, fine, whatever. i am not worthy. I want 2. but i want two external monitors.

Can this thing be configured so that i shut the laptop and use 2 external monitors only? everywhere I look I just see:

Laptop + external monitor or
Laptop + external monitor + external monitor

I want to know if it can be used as:

external monitor + external monitor (with the laptop closed and tucked away)

I want the biggest nerd on this forum to answer, because that’s who I trust the most.


Thanks for asking ahead! Yes, lots of people run extra monitors with the laptop lid closed. You’ll want to be aware of what the laptop is configured to do by default when the lid closes - and how to change that.

So assuming you have one USB graphics adapter (like our $49.95 UGA-165 or $69.99 USB3-HDMI-DVI…), then …

On Windows, you would first set Windows 7 to “do nothing” when the lid is closed:…

And make sure that the 1st external monitor (that’s connected directly to the laptop’s VGA or HDMI port) stays on and the laptop keeps working even with the lid closed.

Then you can buy and add one of our USB graphics adapters for that 2nd external screen. On Windows, many people get two USB adapters so they are able to dock/undock with a single USB cable.

On Mac, it’s similar – except the Mac doesn’t have a setting – the only way to get the mac not to sleep is to have an external display connected directly to the Mac. That signals the Mac to no sleep with the lid closed. Then you can add extra USB displays.

Hope that background helps. Thanks again for asking!