[some] Toolbar Apps don't load at startup


Works great when installed AFTER computer is up and running. However, when [laptop] is shutdown for evening and restarted in morning, not all toolbar apps load


Hi Bob - If there’s still a way for us to help, can you give more detail about what Plugable products you’re using and which particular toolbar apps don’t appear? Other then DisplayLink’s toolbar app (present with any of our USB graphics products), there shouldn’t be other toolbar apps that have a relationship with our hardware.

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Hi Bernie,

Thank you for your prompt response. The Plugable product is the USB 2.0 10-port powered hub. BTW: I think it is a great product as I literally have attachd 10 USB cables to it, 7 of which have USB devices ‘permanently’ connected and the other 3 are for my iPod, Garmin, and Blackberry. It has allowed me to have both cleaner wiring on my desk and avoid the hassle of having to plug in and unplug USB cables into my laptop and docking station.

The primary application I consistenly loose when powering up the laptop with the Plugable hub powered on is DropBox (cloud storage) where I store my high useage, frequently accessed files. However, I have also had the computer hang (it is fairly new and very clean from a software standpoint). A work around seems to be if I leave the wires connected to the Plugable hub but unplug the power to it until the computer is up and then try plug it in. Of course, when I do this I get an error message that certain devices don’t have enough power and I should plug them into an outlet (e.g. Cardscan 800).



Hi Bob,

That does actually sound like a power issue (using more than the 2.5 A capacity of the hub). If you can special-case one or two of those high power devices (like the Cardscan), to only plug them in when needed, and have it be directly to the laptop, that might provide a workaround.



Thanks Bernie,
I’ll give that a try.
btw: Do you keep/publish a list of typical power consumption by type of device?


Hi Bob,

We don’t - simply too many thousands of devices, unfortunately.

However, what devices self-report (via the OS) is roughly reliable. It’s the best numbers to start tuning from.

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