installed the USb 3.0 card, updated the drivers & connected Seagates USB FreeAgent® GoFlexTM Desk External Drive and can’t get more than 19MBPS transfer. Running win 7 x64

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for posting your question here. We’ll be happy to help. You should definitely be able to get much faster speeds between your USB 3.0 drive and your computer! The first step to take in troubleshooting is to download and install fresh drivers, here’s a link to the driver page:

Once you’ve run the updater, try a transfer again to see if there’s any improvement. In order to get an accurate measurement and eliminate variables, it’s best to use a drive benchmarking tool like ATTO, here’s a link to the free download:…

Next we’ll want to look at the drive and cable. Because USB 3.0 is still new and maturing, there are subtle issues that can affect performance. Be sure that you are using the USB 3.0 cable, and that the firmware on the drive is updated if possible.

If possible, try another USB 3.0 device connected to the PCI-e card and see how the speeds are, and also try the drive on another USB 3.0 host. The most likely culprit is the cable if you are finding that the PCI-e card works with another device or the FreeAgent is slow with another host.

Here’s a link to troubleshooting the FreeAgent from Seagate:…

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Thanks Jerome.

Not sure where the problem is but the read time was twice the write when first tested. Alter a couple file transfers the write time was erratic but close to the read time. Several tests later it got pretty consistant. Think the problem more than likely is with the drive not the card?


Solved thre problem- replaced the drive and all is ok!

That’s great Jeff, thanks for posting back? I’m curious, if you don’t mind, what kind of rates are you seeing?

Thanks for your troubleshooting!

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Staples didn 't have a replacement Seagate and kindly swapped to a more expensive WD so I don’t have a real comparison. The WD is showing around 96 write and 116 to120 read with ATTO so I’m pleased.


Hi Jeff,

Thanks for the additional info. It’s always welcome to see what kind of performance others are getting.