Slow LAN speeds from dock?

I’m having extremely slow lan speeds, like 20 mbps on a 300 mb network when connected to the PLUGABLE USB-C TRIPLE DISPLAY DOCKING STATION. Wifi is fine, only when connected to the dock do I get extremely slow speeds. Any fix anyone knows about? (2016 MBP w Touchbar, Sierra)

Hi Ry,

Sorry for our delayed reply. We’ve been playing catch up after the holidays.

Are these slow speeds when connected to the dock over WiFi, or do you mean the wired Ethernet connection in the dock is producing slow speeds?

Is your MacBook Pro the 13 or 15" model?


This is with wifi off, the hub connected to my router via ethernet, 15" 2016 MacBook connected via usb c.

Thanks Ry,

The first thing I might try is to swap out for a different Ethernet cable if you have one just to rule that out.

Also what make and model router do you have?