Secondary monitor (plugged into docking station) not recognized immediately


I have the plugable usb2.0 docking station with 2 monitors (the one extra monitor has the usb2 display adaptor plugged into the docking station). When my computer goes to sleep, then comes back on, most of the time only my main monitor is recognized. Then after several minutes the extra monitor with the display adaptor slowly comes on. Have I set up something incorrectly? Is there a way for both monitors to always come back up at the same time?


Hi gbengston,

Thanks for posting your question here on the Plugable Support Forum. It sounds like you do have your Display Adapter setup correctly. It’s normal for the computer to take a short while to recheck the devices and then to restart the associated software when it awakes from sleep. As long as the external monitor is able to wake up and function normally, then you can be sure you have it set up correctly.

Thanks again, and I hope this answers your question!



OK, thanks. I just figured out a way to make it “recheck” faster… if I simply tap the display adapter it seems to immediately recognize the monitor. I don’t know why that seems to help but it does. And, yes, I have checked to make sure that all of the connections are tight with that 2nd monitor. Without tapping the display adapter it takes a good 10 minutes or longer to be recognized.


Hi gbengston,

Thanks for the update. That’s pretty unusual!! First off, do you have an extra cable you could swap in to verify the behavior stays with the Adapter? Next, do you see any effects if you gently squeeze the adapter in the middle of the case, just enough to depress the plastic a bit? Look for things like noise or static on the screen, strange color changes or quick flashes between on and off. Do you see any of these effects if you tap or shake the adapter? If so, let us know what you find!!! If not, let’s keep an eye on it for a little while and see if anything changes.

Thanks for your patience,