Second screen very distorted


I’m having major issues with the second screen becoming distorted. I currently use a UGA-165 with my Toshiba Laptop. I’ve unplugged, restarted my computer, & even tried to install a driver. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.


Hello Shawn,

Are you using a longer than 6 ft VGA cable? Have you tried a new or different VGA cable? Are you using the stock USB cable? (Last question) Can you please provide a screenshot of the distortion?

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Hi Patric,

The VGA cable is less than 6’. I’ve not tried a new VGA cable yet, but I could buy one if needed. I’m using the stock USB cable. Screen shot is below. !](](


Hi Shawn,

Let us also try a pretested replacement unit to rule out hardware failure. Please contact me directly at and supply me with your amazon order ID, serial number of the unit and your shipping address.

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Patric, email sent.