Screens all go blank for a couple of seconds when I get up or sit down from my seat?

Hi Guys,
I have the USB 3.0 Pluggable docking station.Works ok so far.

I noticed that my screens go blank for a few seconds at a time. At first I thought it was random but then I noticed it started happening when I would move my position. (get up from chair, etc…)

Have you heard of this before. I checked for loose cables and there are none. I tried disconnecting and reconnecting everything and same issue exits.

Please help.

Hi Jordan,

Thanks for posting! To your question we have in fact heard of this before. In some cases the cause is the gas lift mechanism in some chairs generating an electromagnetic interference (EMI) spike that causes the issue. DisplayLink, the maker of the chip in our dock, speaks to this issue in their knowledge-base here:…

A customer also posted his experience with this type of behavior with a similar Dell docking station here:…

He was even able to capture the behavior on video. In his case swapping the chair with a different one solved the problem.

There is even more detail in this DisplayLink forum thread about the behavior:…

Please let us know if that information helps!

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As annoying as this problem has been you have no idea how much comfort this explanation provides! It was killing me for so long. I even pulled up the carpet in the office thinking my chair was rolling over a wire.

While I am not an expert on electromagnetic interference. I take your word for it. Makes sense since I use a hydraulic chair.

I will be getting a new chair!!

Thanks again!

Hi Jordan,

Thanks for getting back, and I am glad the information helped. One quick way to know for sure if the chair is in fact the cause in your case would be to temporarily use a folding or another type of ‘simple’ chair that does not have a lift mechanism to confirm the behavior is now different (I make mention to help prevent you spending additional funds unnecessarily).

Thank you!