Screen saver does not work

I just hooked up a UGA-125 to add a third monitor to my system. I am running windows 7 Pro. Regular desktop mode. I use the “blank” screen saver. When the screen saver kicks in the original monitors blank out and the new monitor stays on with a small black rectangle about 1x2 inches in the lower right hand corner of the new monitor. How can I fix this?


Thanks for posting! Sorry to hear you’re having screensaver problems with the UGA-125!

Let’s try to isolate this down:
* What is your primary graphics card?
* What version of DisplayLink drivers are you running?
* Did you have this problem since you first started using the UGA-125?
* Is this happening with other screen savers as well ?

As soon as we have this information we’ll be able to suggest the next troubleshooting steps!


Good morning Lampros -

I also checked to make sure the dual monitor video card driver is up to date - it is.

Saw the blog on a possible problem from the Aero desktop in Windows 7 - ran the trouble shooter - it found nothing - said everything is working properly.

I went to device manager and check for updates on the GSA-125 - that indicated everything was up to date.

As an aside, when the screen saver kicks in sometimes half the screen will blank as opposed to the small rectangle in the lower right hand corner. I typically have two windows running on this monitor side-by-side… sometimes one will blank when the screen saver kicks in and the other windows does not.

Good morning :slight_smile:

* Running the Aero troubleshooter is definitely a good step, there must be something else going on …

*Just to make sure, do you use the monitors in extended mode or duplicate (clone) ?

* Regarding the DisplayLink drivers, if you go to Device Manager and the properties of the UGA-125, and click on Driver, what version is indicated there?

Unfortunately the latest version on Windows Update is different than the latest version on the DisplayLink website. Windows Update has version 5.5 while DisplayLink has already the 2nd update of the 5.6 driver (they call it: 5.6 M1) - It’s definitely worth to try updating to the latest driver and see if that resolves your issue.

Here’s what the driver (5.6 M1) looks like on my Windows 7 Pro system with the UGA-125 plugged in:

* While we’re on the driver, does your system actually say ‘GSA-125’ or was that a typo?

* What is your primary graphics card? ATI? NVidia? Intel?
* Could you try also with another screensaver and see if the problem persists?