Screen artifacts on dual monitor setup on Yoga Pro 2 running Windows 10 TP


New setup here: Yoga Pro 2 connected to 2 Dell 1909W monitors running Windows 10 TP with latest DisplayLink drivers. Having an issue where I am seeing screen artifacts on the two Dell monitors. By artifacts, I mean a ‘fuzzy’ border, much like a TV that doesn’t have a station tuned to it, around the mouse. Only flashes for a second, then clears. Also noticed, my Start menu icons didn’t show up at first until I hovered over them, so looks like some slow screen refresh problem.

Happy to provide any additional information needed to help troubleshoot. Thanks in advance!



Add’l info: Doing some testing these seems to only be happening with one of the two monitors; specifically the one connected via DVI.


Hi Derek,

Thanks for reaching out.

My suspicion is that there’s some sort of glitch in the interaction between the DisplayLink and the Intel graphics drivers. Since we’re working with pre-beta drivers in the 10 Tech Preview, I’m not sure if there will be a resolution other than waiting for updated drivers from Intel, Lenovo, and/or DisplayLink, but we can certainly investigate and see if we can find a way to get the graphical anomalies resolved.

A good place to start will be by having a look at some of the system and DisplayLink logs which will give us some insight into things. We have a troubleshooting/log-gathering tool that can be run to collect these logs into a .zip file that can be emailed over so that we can have a look.

The download link and instructions can be found here:

Once you’ve run the tool, please email over the .zip file with “Ticket 74144” in the subject line and we’ll have a look to see what the best course of action will be.



Hi Derek,

We’re closing this thread, but please feel free to send over the log files mentioned above via email at your convenience and we’ll be glad to proceed with troubleshooting.