Samsung U28D590 recommends 60Hz, but why UGA-4KDP only has 30hz mode in 4K display?

I would like to know if the UGA-4KDP supports 60Hz on the 4k display? !](](

Hi Wen,

Thanks for posting.

At the hardware level, the DisplayLink DL-5500 chip in the UGA-4KDP adapter supports a maximum 30Hz refresh rate when running at 4K resolution. (This is mentioned on the Amazon listing as well as on the product page for the adapter

This is expected behavior, and was a chip-design decision on the part of DisplayLink. At this point, we do not have any additional information regarding whether or not future DisplayLink chipsets will support 4K@60Hz.

For the time being, running at 4K resolution at 60Hz requires an internal graphics card that is capable of 60Hz output.

If this will not meet your needs, please feel free to utilize our no-hassle 30 day return policy to send the adapter back for a refund.


Thanks for the quick reply. At least I know I didn’t mis-configure it. 30hz is still better than 25hz with HDMI. The HDMI is freed up for another monitor.