Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 SM-T813 support for USB2-OTGE100


I would like to know if the USB2-OTGE100 adapter will work on a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 SM-T813 tablet. Under compatible devices list found on the plugable website, it shows a customer listed the SM-T810 as compatible. Since the T813 is newer, I wanted to confirm before purchasing.

Thank you!

Hi John,

Thank you for posting the question here!

Unfortunately, we are not sure if the adapter is compatible or not, even though I am personally positive.

Actually one of our customers says he would test it with his SM-T813 tablet and let us know the result soon. Once we’ve heard back from him, we’ll update the compatibility list and get back to you in here.

Thank you for your patience!

Plugable Support

We have one customer reported that this adapter worked fine with his SM-T813 6.0.1. We have updated the Android Compatibility list accordingly.

Hope this helps!

Plugable Support