Resolving issues with the headphone jack on UD-3900

I just received my dock and all the connections worked out of the box except the headphone jack, which is supposed to power my external speakers. When plugged into the dock, no sound came out of my speakers. When plugged into my laptop, there was sound. I started reading the posts on this forum, but couldn’t find the answer I needed. So I started playing around with sound settings.

First, I set my pluggable speakers as the default speaker: !](](

Then, I selected both internal and external speakers in Volume Control Options:

(Note that you don’t have to select both speaker options. I just chose to.)

Finally, I used the Volume Mixer to set the audio levels:

And, presto, I had sound out of the external speakers.

Hi Karen,

Thanks for posting! I’m sorry getting the audio output working properly was frustrating, but I thank you very much for great detail you provided for the community.

Getting audio working right in Windows always has the potential to get complicated even when you aren’t using a Plugable product due to the myriad of options to go through but you did a great job. I have made a video that tries to show the potential problems with selecting the right audio output here –> but I didn’t cover some of the details you did.

Thanks again for sharing and let us know if you need any help in the future!

Thank you,

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