Removing LEDs

LEDs too bright for astronomy use. How can I open up the package to change to low intensity LEDs? I know that would void the warranty, but I’m pretty handy with a soldering iron.

Product is model USB3-HUB4AC1

Hi Paul - That should be possible if you’re handy with a soldering gun, but let us check with one of our own at the office.  On that model, it’s a matter of popping off one end of the aluminum housing, and sliding out the PCB to gain access to the LED you’d like to clip.  We’ll check if that seems reasonable.  Thanks for asking!

Appreciate the quick reply Bernie!

Hello Paul,

I’ve taken these apart before and it’s a little difficult. The side plastic pops off, but since it’s been glued, usually some of the plastic clips break off. Also, getting the circuit board out is hard as well, it too is glued in place.

If you can get this far without too much damage, there are 5 LEDs that would need to be soldered.

I’d recommend maybe just covering the LEDs with some tape to dull the brightness down. Masking tape works wonders and doesn’t stand out much if cut small enough to just cover the LED.

Best wishes.