redownloading driver constantly

I’ve downloaded the USB2-E100 driver several times for my mac book, but every couple of weeks, the plugable no longer works and I have to redownload the driver. Why does this keep happening?

Hi Annie,

Thank you for asking! Which version of Mac OS X you are using?

It sounds a bit strange to me, because the the device driver of USB2-E100 (AX88772 chip set) has been built-into Mac OS X 10.6 and above. Hence you don’t even need to install the device driver when you use this adapter: it should just work as plug & play.

I guess there might be something else in your system or setup. If you haven’t done so, please apply all the latest system updates to your Mac OS X. If you still see the problem, please directly contact us at with more detail information such as your OS version and network setup (i.e. in office or in home network, etc.) We’re here to help!

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