Recent PL-2303 driver pushed by Microsoft responds slowly

After an earlier problem report, I was using driver version under Windows 7 64-bit, which worked well from my perspective. This month, Microsoft update pushed version of the driver onto my machine. Now, my terminal emulator responds slowly. I can easily type ahead several characters before the emulator echos them back to the screen.

The behavior is definitely related to the version of the driver. When I use the older version, the terminal response is immediate. When I use the newer version, the response is sluggish. It’s very counter-productive.

Because the newer version is pushed by Microsoft update, it sometimes installs without my consent. If I move the adapter to a different USB port, it will use the newer driver automatically, and I have to go through the process of reinstalling the older driver.

Hi Jim,

Thanks for posting! In our tests the driver didn’t cause any performance issues but since the older driver is a better choice for your machine I’m sure it’s frustrating to have the newer driver re-installed every time you reconnect the cable

You set Windows to allow you to choose what to do when new hardware is connected. To change this setting follow these steps:

Click on the Start menu --> right-click on Computer and click Properties.

On the left of the System dialog box, --> select Advanced System Settings.

Now navigate to Hardware tab and click --> Windows Update Driver Settings.

Here you’ll be able to tell Windows to let you choose what to do when you connect a new piece of hardware.

I hope this helps, let me know how it goes!