Raspbian Jessie Lite with USB2-HUB4BC not seeing hub


I puchased a 4 port USB hub (USB2-HUB4BC) to use with a raspberry pi zero. I plugged in the hub using the usb cable that came with the device and a mini USB plug adapter I have. The hub has a blue light on so I assume it is working but the pi can’t see any devices connected, such as a keyboard.

If I plug the keyboard directly into the pi (using the mini usb adapter) it works, but I need to plug in several other items.

Any thoughts?

I found the problem. The mini USB cable that comes with the hub to connect to the device appears to be defective. I replaced with with another I had and it is working now.


Thank you for posting and following it up with your update. I’m sorry you had a problem with your cable, but if you contact us at support@plugable.com we’ll happily replace the cable for you.



Hi Jym,

We’re going to close this thread, but of course feel free to reach out via email and we can get a replacement cable arranged.