Question regarding asus zenbook 3 and Plugable UD-3900

Hi, I current have a lenovo thinkpad laptop in which I use Plugable UD-3900 to connect my laptop to two external monitors. The way Plugable UD-3900 connected to my laptop is USB.

Now, I have purchased an Asus zenbook 3 that only has 1 USB type-c port. So I found a USB dongle that goes into my asus zenbook 3 USB type-c port, and provides a usb connection. I then connected my Plugable UD-3900 to this dongle, and both my monitors turn on BUT their don’t seem crisp and seem blurry.

Is this expected?

Hello Mitesh, thank you for posting! Based off of your description it sounds like the resolution or display scaling settings need to be adjusted. Would you be able to open the Windows Display Settings and ensure each of the connected monitors are at their recommended resolutions and that the scaling drop down menu is set to 100%?

Thank you,

David W.
Plugable Technologies