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i have 2 android tablets. 1 is a polaroid p900 4.4.2 and 1 is a trio stealth g2 @ 9 dual core 4.1.1 and i got what may be a clone from ebay that plugs into the usb on the tablets and then i can plug a network cable into the other end. well the trio stealth table show me the network icon but no connection happens and the polaroid does nothing. so before i pay for this one i have to make sure it will work. i see on the site about drivers but they look like they are for pc’s and mot tablets. so can anyone tell me if this item will work on tablets? i did plug the ebay unit into my phone and the phone speed went from .5 up to 6.5 so that may be about as fast at the phone can go. or as fast as that adapter can go.

anyway i want to run 1 tablet on the network so my cameras will not drop out. as much or at all. or if they have an adapter that will let me plug the tablet into the pc and maybe will charge it as well? i can do that if then the drivers will work for the pc. thanks

Hello Bob,

Thanks for reaching out to us! Unfortunately, we have not tested our adapter with either of these tablets, and cannot guarantee they will work with our adapter. Android compatibility with wired Ethernet adapters, and the ASIX AX8872 chipset is ultimately up to the manufacturer and can change with device/operating system updates. I would suggest to check with the manufacturer of each device first, to see if they can offer any insight into compatibility.

I do want to clarify, that our adapter does not provide power. Charging and wired Ethernet use will have to be separate functions. You may want to try putting the tablets into airplane mode, as this may force the wired connection to go through. You could also try to access any Developers Options/settings that may be available as these can change the function of the USB port. I hope this helps! Please feel free to reach out to us with any other questions.

Thank you,

Product Owner

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