Pugable USB Bluetoooth Adaptor 4.0 does not work...


Plugged the adapter. Installed driver from Internet all went OK. However it’s not discovering any of my devices…
That’s iPad, iPod and Nokia mobile phone…I can go on…
Any help would be appreciated.
DELL Desktop PC i5 processor, lots of RAM, fully up to date etc…
Broadcom adapter is showing installed in Device manager not issue but finds …nothing…


Hi Danny,

Thanks for posting your question here, we’d be glad to help! Let’s try a couple of things to see if it will help:

  1. Make sure there aren’t any other USB devices plugged in right next to the port where the adapter is plugged in, to help reduce signal interference.

  2. If you’re using a laptop, try turning off WiFi before searching for other devices.

  3. If the adapter is connected to a hub, try connecting it directly to a port on the machine.

If none of this helps, please e-mail us your orderID to support@plugable.com with a link to this tread and we’ll be glad to troubleshoot further!