Product: wifint Problem: was working (but stopped. connects to my wifi network but no web pages load

sony vaio running windows vista 32

also when working was clocking at 40mbps on speedtest, then went down to 20, then stopped working. just received in mail a couple of days ago, please advise thanks

Hi Joel,

Thank you for posting about your WiFi adapter. I’m sorry it isn’t working for you.

If it is connecting to your network, but not loading pages, it most likely is a network issue. But it if turns out to be the adapter, we will get a replacement out to you right away.

What error message are you seeing when the pages won’t load?

Also, we have a troubleshooting tool that can help us figure out what is wrong.

With the adapter plugged in, please go to this page and follow the instructions there:

It will create a file on your desktop with your computer name. Please send that directly to us at our support email address:

I’ll check it out as soon as we get it.


Plugable Support

Hi Joel,

I’m just checking back to see if you were able to get that WiFi adapter working. If not, please let me know.