problem with Agent V5 camera bought through amazon storefront

Hi, I just received an Agent V5 camera from you that I purchased through amazon. The audio on the camera does not seem to be working correctly, and in low light, there seems to be a lot of bad pixels (stuck on blue and black). Is it possible I received a camera that was previously returned? The packaging was a bit less than pristine, including how the camera was actually in its box (it was not shrink wrapped as I normally expect in new items.)

Any help would be appreciated.


Hi Eric,

Thanks for posting! Sorry you’re experiencing problems with exposure and audio. Let’s see what we can do.

In terms of packaging, you definitely got a new unit, as we don’t resell returns (although we do test and use returns for exchanges). I can understand the concern, though - on the Agent V5 camera, the packaging is different (as with the camera itself, it is designed by Liquid Digital ). There is no shrinkwrap. The box it comes in has a magnetic flap (easy to open to drop in additional documentation), and the camera barrel comes in a reusable cloth bag.

It’s difficult to tell, but it sounds like the low-light exposure you’re seeing isn’t out of the norm for this product. There’s the usual tradeoff between exposure time and color correctness. Unfortunately on the Mac drivers, this isn’t adjustable today. However, on the Windows drivers you should be able to adjust the exposure to get more color correctness at the expense longer exposure time (note: when you manually adjust the exposure settings in the Windows driver, often the settings wont save first time around, but they always save 2nd time around). Let us know if you need any help on that.

On the audio, can you describe a bit more of what’s going wrong? If there’s no audio at all, the most likely culprit is the webcam’s audio is not the default audio input device. If that’s it, it can be quickly changed from the Mac or Windows control panels. Let us know which OS you have, and we can help with that.

If it’s some other more subtle audio problem, please just let us know what it is.

Hope this information helps - let us know where things might be stuck and we can help with next steps.

Thanks for your patience!

Thanks for the quick response! The audio is sort of there, but cuts in and out (more out than in) I can see the meter move very sporadically in the applications that I use. I’m pretty familiar with audio apps, and have other microphones, webcams and sound devices that are working fine. It’s almost like there is a very loose connection on the analog side of the microphone and once in a while it actually makes a connection for a split second.

Hi Eric, with that audio behavior, your diagnosis sounds most likely - something loose on the analog side. We’d like to send you a replacement unit to confirm.

Can you email your Amazon order # (from email) to and let us know if the address it originally went to is still good? We’ll get that going right away.

My apologies and thank you!

Well, it’s decided to work now. I’m not sure why or how. The volume is still much lower than I expected though. I’m on a mac and have cranked up the levels in the audio/midi setup. I’ll have to give it a chance now. It’s unfortunate there is no way to set the capture resolution on the mac, I would much rather have a lower resolution and full frame rate.


It’s Murphy’s law of problem reporting - the problems disappear at the worst times!

If you do have a clear problem emerge, please feel free to restart the discussion here. And if you have any specific requests, email anytime - we’ll try to make things right.

Thank you!