Pro 8 dock is not charging my Stream 7

It will not charge my tablet at all. Everything else is working fine. I thought it was at least charging when the tablet was off, (because the charging icon flashes regularly on the tablet when off), but even then, it’s not actually getting charged from the dock.The tablet charges fine when plugged directly into the wall…Any ideas? /// One little detail: I never had the cable that normally comes with the dock to connect it to the tablet. So I am using the cable that works with the Stream charger and an OTG adapter to bring the size down from a full size USB down to the needed micro size. I haven’t tried to use the dock in a long time, but I swear it used to work fine like this.

Sorry to hear about this issue. We’ll be more than happy to assist.

Full disclosure - we fully expect charging to not work correctly with a Micro B to A cable + OTG adapter. The dock circuitry doesn’t know to enable charging like this. If it was working before, I can’t explain that behavior.

We no longer make the Pro8 dock or offer replacement cables, but I expect if you purchase a compatible cable like this one below, that things should begin working correctly:

Unfortunately there’s not much else we can try in this scenario so I’d give that cable a try and we can go from there.

Please don’t hesitate to let us know of other questions/concerns.

Best wishes!
Joshua Henry
Plugable Technologies

Hi Joshua and thank-you for your prompt reply. Everything is back to normal again. It charges whether the tablet is on or off now,as it should. I know this sounds crazy,but the problem only happens when the OTG is plugged into the tablet, and then the cable goes into the dock…When the OTG is inserted into the dock and the cable goes to the tablet, it all works perfectly! It’s beyond me, but I’m happy with the results! Thanks again.

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