plugged in both laptops and nothing happening

really not happy…just bought…tried to install and zero happening…wish u had a customer service number to call…stuck waiting for emails

Hi Tony,

Thanks for contacting us! We’re sorry to hear that your Windows Transfer Cable doesn’t appear to be working.

We are a small business, and we don’t have a call center available for customer service, but we’re happy to assist you via email as we have been for the last day.

We’re also located in Seattle, WA, so there is likely a time difference, and we apologize for the inconvenience.

We responded to your initial message within an hour, and we did our best to respond to you again quickly this morning.

We will continue to keep in direct contact with you until we’ve resolved this issue with your Windows Transfer Cable.

We appreciate your patience through the troubleshooting process, and we hope to get your cable up and running for you soon.

Thank You,

Plugable Technologies