Pluggable with PI for building HFP and HID Client

I need to do below things with Pi :-

  1. Convert all USB keyboard to Bluetooth Keyboard
  2. Need to pair with my smartphone to Reject all Call and accept only whitelisted call.

I am sure I need to use HID and HFP profiles but problem is selection of compatible Bluetooth USB dongle.

I need to know whether Plugable is fit for it .

Product link :
Remarks: Support HID and HFP .Few threads says that Broadcom chips are bad for Pi

Abhijith contacted us via our support e-mail previously and I wanted to share our response to this configuration on the thread here as well.

On a fundamental level, our adapter is supported by Linux as the drivers are baked into the kernel past 3.0.34 and higher.

With regards to individual profile support, Bluetooth stack configuration with software such as BlueZ (the default Linux Bluetooth stack), Pulseaudio, and oFono are not something we provide in-depth support for. Bluetooth audio in particular undergoes a lot of development changes and is still fairly buggy in Linux, so we cannot guarantee functionality on Linux platforms.

The ability to operate as a HID client, and call rule configuration, are not typical use cases and we have no documentation for this ourselves.

More information regarding the state of Bluetooth audio in Linux can be found here — — in the section “What Are Some of the Known Issues and Fixes in Linux?”.

Our adapter may work for this project, but largely the configuration portion of getting it to work would be unsupported by us and largely up to the documentation of the software necessary to make it function.